How do influencers grow their followers?

There are sophisticated systems, but rare where these influencers sign up to, to buy lots of followers from around the world. Whoever got introduced to such system most times don't share it even with their closest friends.

So most times, it's all like a mystery. But today, a system like connect lots of Instagram users to follow you within minutes to a few hours. 

For Example: 

"A brand influencer said that he bought 240,000 worldwide followers and bought 5,000 Nigerian followers as a top-up. He also bought comments, likes, views and impressions.

Then he paid other influencers and did Instagram Ads to sell a slimming/weight loss tea he bought for ₦1,000, and sold for ₦3,000 to over 5,000 people who saw the adverts.

Many got very impressed and trusted him by his profile, some checked the followers to see only Nigerians after swiping up a few times, and the views and comments.

He made a quick ₦10m. The rest is to him, just normal."

Note: if you have few followers, you seem like a nobody. A person without family and friends. Not only will people not love to be friends with you, but nobody will trust your brand or services.

In short, you are working for Instagram to make billions of dollars without you earning a SALARY. How? Read the next question.

How to get started!

  1. Click the menu above to sign up.
  2. Verify your email address
  3. Log back in and click add funds
  4. When that is done, click New Order
  5. Choose a category (if you are not sure, contact us via the WhatsApp button below).
  6. Choose a service
  7. Copy and paste your post or profile URL. Example:
  8. Enter the Quantity
  9. Accept terms and click place order.
  10. Seat and watch the magic.

What do I stand to gain using Services?

At Bugva, you can get all the required engagements, like followers, likes, views, impressions, save, profile visit including other services for Youtube, Facebook, Spotify etc.

To answer your question, to make money is a two-way street. You and Instagram are two parties.

Party 1: When you register on the platform, Instagram immediately start making money from your account. How? You become one additional user, additional phone and additional free data to show multiple adverts and charge the advertiser for you using you time and resources every time you visit their website.

Party 2: While many others just post images and sit waiting for people to like or comment, you can improve your visibility with views and likes etc to make Instagram recommend your posts to people likely to engage.

Party 2b: If you have a high number of followers and you run ads, for example: a slimming tea. After the ads has been published, you can buy comments and send to that promotional post. E.g.

  • Very good
  • Are you sure it’s working?
  • What’s your location?
  • How much?
  • I have used it before, it works, but I lost the seller’s contact.
  • Can you ship to Abuja? etc

By the time anyone interested sees it, he is convinced to also comment and contact you because many others have done it before them.

How much can I use to buy followers?

For Instagram, we recommend:

New Order Instagram Followers Guaranteed Refill è Choose Number 73

Copy and paste your Instagram profile link. And remove the extras


1,000 followers = 660 naira

10,000 followers = 6,600 naira

100,000 followers = 66,000 naira

3,500 views can be as cheap as 84 naira

Will my account be banned?

So far, we have sold several millions of high quality followers, not one person's account has ever experienced such.

A mass order — how does it work?

It's possible to place multiple orders with different links at once with the help of the mass order feature.

What is Drip-feed?

Using Drip-feed, people can build the engagement on their accounts at the speed that they want. Let's say you need 1000 likes on your post, you don't have to get them all at once — it can happen gradually, for example, 100 likes each day for 10 days.